I graduated from Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest in 1999 as a student of Andrea Vígh. My music career started earlier though: I started  giving concerts at the age of 15. I was 9, when I first met my musical instrument, by chance. My family inherited a piano and it would have been good if someone could play on it – I was the one. As there was no place at the faculty of piano as a consolation I have been introduced to the first harp of my life. It was love at first sight… I am thankful to my first lecturer, Katalin Nagy with whom I took my first steps into the world of music. Later, during my university years I attended master courses of Josef Molnar (J), Aristid von Würtzler (USA), Ion Ivan Ronceau (RO), Jana Bousková (CZ), Dominique Bouchaud (F).

Beside the continuous training I find it crucial to weigh myself in front of the audience - that is the only way to “check” whether I am a good interpreter of a composer or not. That is the reason why I give so many concerts. I am a regular participant in the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra concerts and I have played as a guest in numerous Hungarian symphony orchestras.

Besides my orchestral work, I give more and more solo and chamber orchestra concerts. My repertoire includes a wide range of pieces from different ages and composers, such as renaissance music, pieces from Bach, Handel and other Baroque composers all the way to romantic and contemporary harp music. My repertoire includes hundreds of pieces which I play not only on concert harp, but on the Celtic and the Troubadour harps as well.

I have played in many concert halls and festivals all around Hungary. I am a regular contributor in the programme of the Kapolcs Valley of Arts: in October 2002 I gave successful solo concerts at the Gödöllő Harp Festival, in the Zemplén Art Festival in 2004 and in the Japanese Embassy, as partner of cellist Csaba Onczay.

My first solo album titled ’A Daunce’ (2002) was followed by the CD ’The Dances of Autumn’ in 2006.

Lately I added a pleasurable activity to my concerts: I took on to teaching, I had students before, but now as a teacher of Pászti Miklós Basic Art Educational School I have “official” students. As a mother of four children, it is a pleasure to transmit the love of harp music to the young ones.