Danses d' Automne

Az ősz táncai - 2006

On my second album I selected pieces from one composer only, Bernard Andrés. His “Automates” is already audible on my first album titled “A Daunce”, released in 2002.

After sending him a copy of my CD Bernard Andrés–- spoke of it approvingly.  “I could not have played it more beautifully myself” – he wrote in a return letter, which has soon been followed by a sizeable pack, containing written music, playable on Celtic harp. This present – sent by his publisher – delighted me tremendously. I began practicing  the pieces enthusiastically and they soon became an important part of my concert repertoire. Some of them became not only my favorites, but also of my concerts’ audience , therefore I decided to record  these songs.

The compositions are mainly of short character and variation themes with simple ones and virtuoso as well. They are colorful and ambient pieces with unfailing ideas and tune fantasies. I hope those listening will enjoy it as much as I do.

Mária Lévai

Bernard Andrés was born in 1941 in Belfort, France. He is a worldwide acknowledged harpist and pedagogue and member of the Parisian ‘Radio France” symphonic orchestra. As an outstanding composer, he contributed to the development of many generations of harpists, enriching the harp repertoire with numerous solo, orchestral and chamber music pieces.